Our History

In 1997, a small group of highly experienced and influential bankers became frustrated by the practices of mega-corporate banking, especially relating to middle market companies. Their local business bank was being acquired. They didnít believe they could service their accounts under the new owner. So this small group of bankers decided to build American Business Bank and become the kind of bank middle market companies longed for. Located in the center of one of the most successful business communities in the world, they built their bank especially to meet the needs of this community, offering excellent, professional, high-touch banking.

The sole purpose of the bank was to partner with solid and reliable middle market companies. For these businesses, they became not only their bankers but also their banking and business advisors. The executive team has more than one hundred sixty combined years in the banking industry and has served literally thousands of business people. They have the experience and the knowledge to serve their clients.

They are pleased to report that the execution of their ideas has been successful. American Business Bank is now considered one of the premier middle market business banks in the entire country.