Our Culture

We think of American Business Bank as an “old fashioned” business bank. Our clients' needs drive our values. We know that if we focus on one client at a time, with sound and proven banking practices, then the profits will follow.

At American Business Bank we are intensely relationship-driven. In relationship banking, clients expect prompt and personal service. They also expect to be valued by the bank. We do that. It’s what makes us different from other banks.

Our decision-making process is an example of how we drive our core value of “relationship-banking.” Our relationship managers are given the authority necessary to make important decisions on their own without having to go through layers of approval, thus saving our clients time, money, and frustration.

We take seriously our commitment to the safety and security of our customer’s money. Compared to the mega-banks, American Business Bank focuses on only one niche: middle market companies. As a result, we know what our clients want and need. They want a bank that not only provides excellence in banking but one that also provides easy access to a real person who can answer their questions and meet their needs. We are driven to maintain those standards.